Haunted by a Painter's Ghost
Photography and Symbolism in the Digital Age

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  • It is interesting to speculate which person Rouse had in mind when he titled his exhibition 'Haunted by a Painter's Ghost'; Magritte, Dali and Escher are all apparent - not to mention darkroom master compositor Hag. But while it may be pleasing to imagine that Rouse's pictures were produced by the reactions of silver and chemicals rather than pixels, any such discussion is in truth irrelevant. The only important question is the same in both cases: "How exactly did you create such masterpieces?"
    The British Journal of Photography
  • "Were it not for the pain to be found in the wider world, I might not have sought sanctuary in the confinement of my own, where I have discovered an endless supply of the raw materials needed to create my images," says Dominic Rouse of his current project, Haunted by a Painter's Ghost .
    BW Magazine
  • Snout in the wind, the neck extended to better feel the scent of the air, imperceptibly tilting his head in the direction of the spiralling leaf, he leapt upon his prey which never knew it had been caught. Taking it to his lair as careful as a lover who caresses the neck of a fawn, he placed it next to his other captures and returned to the forest, where he waited for the moan of a branch.
    The Buenos Aires Herald
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